Intelligent Digital IXUS, slim style.
The elegant Digital IXUS 100 IS delivers exceptional style in an ultra slim metallic form. Featuring a 3.0x optical zoom with optical image stabilisation for blur free images, it incorporates a host of intelligent Canon technologies including Smart Auto Mode, so you can simply and easily create stunning pictures across a wide range of shooting conditions. What’s more you can quickly and easily capture superb HD movie clips.

Exceptionally slender
With its ultra-slim metallic form, the Digital IXUS 100 IS takes digital camera design to new heights of elegance. Its combination of supremely slender profile and high performance is achieved by a combination of Canon technologies, including two special glass-molded UA lenses.

Intelligent by design for the perfect image Setting the Digital IXUS 100 IS to Smart Auto mode allows the camera to intelligently select the appropriate settings so you can concentrate on your subject. Advanced Scene Detection Technology automatically analyses shooting conditions then selects the perfect settings from 18 specially defined scenes So whether you’re photographing flowers, a captivating sunset or friends in the park you can be confident you’re getting the perfect image.

Flawless Detection Technology

HD movies 
You can create smooth, high quality, movies in High Definition, which you can view and share with friends on the camera’s bright 2.5 inch� PureColor LCD II screen. Or you can connect, using an optional mini HDMI cable, for playback on HD TV with no loss of quality. Either way you and your friends will be amazed by the results.

Evolved Face Detection and Motion Detection technology finds and tracks moving subjects until you’re ready to shoot, adjusting the camera settings for optimal results. Faces will have natural-looking skin tones and and additional Blink Detection lets you avoid the disappointment of mis-timed people shots by displaying an alert if a person in the frame has their eyes closed. A Face Detection Self-Timer also makes group photos and self-portraits easy. Once the shot has been set up, the camera records the number of faces detected in the frame when the shutter is depressed and the self timer started – it then waits for an extra face to get in the frame and adjusts focus and exposure before it takes the picture. Auto Red-Eye detection completes the detection technology collection to ensure flawless photos every time.

A world of advantages with Canon technology

Rich razor-sharp images – every time The 3x optical zoom lets you get up close and personal, whether you are shooting landscapes or a child’s smile the straight optical paths deliver razor-sharp precision with lifelike colour every time.

The lens is the most important part of any imaging device and all Canon cameras incorporate lenses designed and manufactured by Canon – lenses based on over 60 years of experience for outstanding results. Canon’s market-leading Optical Image Stabiliser is a lens-shift system that automatically detects and corrects camera shake, whilst ensuring outstanding image quality. It allows handheld shooting at longer focal lengths and in lower light conditions without blur, giving you steady, crisp, brilliant images you’ll be proud to shoot and share. Developed initially for Canon’s EOS Digital SLR cameras it is the fastest in-lens image stabiliser available on the market and ensures the stylish Digital IXUS range has a top quality pedigree.

Meanwhile a resolution of 12.1 Megapixels allows you to capture every scene in rich detail, ensuring oversize prints – even of cropped pictures – retain high image quality.

Customise and correct colour as you shoot
Fast, intelligent processing even in tricky lighting conditions
Canon’s most advanced image processor, DIGIC 4, lies at the heart of every Canon digital camera and delivers exceptional processing speeds. It also makes possible the camera’s intelligent evolved Face and Object Detection technologies and Canon’s i-Contrast feature. This offers improved contrast and greater detail in tricky lighting conditions. Available in either shooting or playback mode, i-Contrast analyses a scene, then boosts brightness in dark areas without blowing out light areas, while the noise reduction function of DIGIC 4 ensures minimal noise in the adjusted areas. This helps uncover previously hidden detail in the shadow areas of an image.

My Colors Mode lets you customise colour reproduction before shooting and correct individual colours on the LCD screen as you’re shooting. My Colors offer you many options, such as ‘Positive Film’ which makes all the reds, greens and blues really vivid; Lighter and Darker Skin tones; ‘Colour Accent’ that allows you to retain a single colour in your image whilst the other colours turn monochrome and even a ‘Colour Swap’ where you can select one colour and replace it with another colour you specify for special effects. Since they work with both still images and movies, these modes let you enjoy producing various image or movie effects.