If you are fed up with dabbling in digital effects and puzzling over modern camera technology to get awe-inspiring images, take a step back in time and experience the unique qualities of the Holga 135 toy camera. Holga film cameras have a characteristic low-fidelity aesthetic, encouraging photographers to focus on their skill rather than relying on the camera’s options to produce a quality image. Experimenting with this fun 35mm point-and-shoot camera yields interesting photographs with an artistic style that sets them apart from modern high-definition digital models, making the Holga 135 a treasure for camera collectors, fans of film cameras, or anyone with an eye for art.

Product Identifiers

  • Brand : Holga
  • Model : 135
  • MPN : 167120

Key Features

  • Camera Type : Point & Shoot
  • Film Type : 35mm


  • Focus Type : Fixed