Be it a birthday party, football game or your baby’s first steps, the Leicaflex SL camera body is perfect for every occasion. This fast Leica 35mm camera features a mechanically-timed shutter action that is smooth, rigid and responsive. You can view your subject at full aperture with the DOF preview of this Leica film camera. The central microprism area of this Leica 35mm camera allows accurate access to auto-focus. The light meter function of the Leicaflex SL camera body allows a photographer get a final image where the subject of the picture does not look too dark or light. Let your pictures appear more natural and beautiful with this Leica film camera.

Product Identifiers

  • Brand : Leica
  • Model : Leicaflex SL Body Only

Key Features

  • Camera Type : SLR
  • Film Type : 35mm
  • Lens Mount : Leica R


  • Focus Type : Manual


Focal Length


Focus Type


Minimum Aperture