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Adelaide’s largest range of second-hand camera and photography equipment.

We are the oldest camera shop in South Australia and our award winning store is third generation family owned and operated since 1965.

We stock a diverse range of the latest photographic products and well as the largest second-hand range of 35mm, 120mm, Large Format cameras, lens and accessories. We stock supplies for home developing and printing and have on-site a quality colour Lab capable of film developing and printing.

PhotoCo are Pro-Stockist for Leica, Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony and Fuji as well as selling a huge range of other brands. We also provide photographic courses, excursions and a range of photographic related supplies.

We strive to employ award winning South Australian and National recognised leading professional photographers as well as facilitating a photo-technician who has proven to be a local and national industry leader within the field of analogue photographic repairs and servicing. 

PhotoCo Central Markets

Our Story


PhotoCo Camera House Adelaide | PhotoCo

Proud of our history as the oldest camera store in SA We proudly recycle photographic equipment We have a unique business specialising in rare, collectable, new and second hand cameras to…


PhotoCo Camera House Adelaide | PhotoCo

Officially began another exciting partnership with the third generation Paul and Luke Bulley. The brothers bring their fresh ideas to best assist the business moving forward. Paul is an awarded…


PhotoCo Camera House Adelaide | PhotoCo

Business diversification – Peter and Marijan worked many extra hours searching for ways to support customers. Some of these involved setting-up Camera stall at the International Grand Prix in Adelaide…


PhotoCo Camera House Adelaide | PhotoCo

PhotoCo became a member of the Camera House Group ‘Australia’s Largest photographic organisation’ Awarded Leica Dealer of the Year


Installation of their first film and colour photo processing machines, Peter and Marijan took out a debt twice the size of their home loan! …but never looked back. At one stage…


PhotoCo Camera House Adelaide | PhotoCo

Peter Bulley and wife Marijan Bulley purchased the business from Allan and Hilda. As this second generation took over the business, so too did the business reshape itself with a…


Allan and Hilda persuaded Peter and Marijan with two-week old son Paul to return to Adelaide and for Peter to work at PhotoCo.


Allan and Hilda engaged their daughter Vivien to manage PhotoCo while having a well-earned break. An invitation from Agfa to attend Photokina and a visit to the Leica factory in…


PhotoCo Camera House Adelaide | PhotoCo

Allan and Hilda took the opportunity to develop their own photographic retail business. As this was prior to colour photography, a colourist was employed on 2 days a week. She…


He disembarked with his wife and 3 children at Port Adelaide from the Fairstar cruise ship. Allan spent the next few years as a full-time photographer specialising in family portraits…


1941 we began our journey with Allan Bulley enlisting at the age of 14 with the British Royal Marines as a musician and voluntary photographer. He went about setting-up and…

Condition Assessment

Every second-hand piece of equipment is reviewed, inspected and tested by our team. We categorise the following where relevant.

Cosmetic condition

Excellent, Good, Normal or Other

Mechanical condition

Excellent, Good, Normal or Other

Optical condition

Clean, Scratched, Fungus, Haze, Separation or Other

Functional condition

Fully functional, Small issue or Other

Includes Accessories

Yes or No