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Film Developing Service

Fast 35mm Film & Disposable Camera, 120 film Processing

In Adelaide, we develop, scan and print film (including single use cameras & disposable cameras), open for processing 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday.

  • C41 Colour film developed on site with Fujifilm colour chemical, with professional quality control monitoring for consistant, reliable results.
  • We have the capacity and can process 100+ C41 films per day.
  • True black and white film and E6 positive slide film developed by our trusted out-lab partners.
  • All films are scanned on site using professional grade Fujifilm Frontier SP3000, SP500 and Epson V700 Scanners.

After Hours Film Development Drop Box

Situated by the Gouger St and Zuma’s Café entrance. You can book the film processing service by filling the form below and print out the receipt, put together with the fim into the drop box.

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For Color Negative Film Roll ( Desposible Camera) Processing here are the options. For detailed infomation on each option please contact us.

We provide neutral scans, true to the film type stock shot.

Checked for quality assurance by our very experienced lab operators. Our same high level of professional quality control applies whether you choose same day or longer service times. In addition to scans we provide a multitude of output options, whether it’s real prints on metal, canvas, gifts, photo books and more.

We are here to help and advise! 

With over 70 years combined experience with our team.If you’re just starting out or shoot for a living; we’re here to help you achieve the very best from your photography. No matter what brand of film you have, we’ll develop, scan and print it to perfection.

Film photography rolls Adelaide

Our film developing service is like no other!

  • Film developing from $7
  • Developing and Dropbox from $13.95
  • Next Day Service
  • Most recommended Lab in SA

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Condition Assessment

Every second-hand piece of equipment is reviewed, inspected and tested by our team. We categorise the following where relevant.

Cosmetic condition

Excellent, Good, Normal or Other

Mechanical condition

Excellent, Good, Normal or Other

Optical condition

Clean, Scratched, Fungus, Haze, Separation or Other

Functional condition

Fully functional, Small issue or Other

Includes Accessories

Yes or No