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Kodak Film Rumoured Price Raise

Kodak to raise film prices

Well unfortunately if you have any type of social media you would probably have seen the rumours of Kodak raising its prices on its 35 and 120mm stock…

Kodak Revives Its Iconic Logo—and Gives It a Little Twist | WIRED

Image: Kodak

Film’s massive resurgence in popularity seemed to catch Kodak by surprise, as some of you may know film has been extremly hard to source recently – colour in particular. Last October Kodak said that it was unable to keep up with demand and was desperately trying to hire more and more employees, quite crazy to think – as of just over a decade ago the Eastman Kodak company filed for bankruptcy! Given the surge and the costs associated with meeting this insane demand on film – along with some other economic factors, it is not surprising that Kodak will potentially raise its price on film.

What sort of an impact will this have on the analog community?

Joe Greer with the new Leica M6 in Nashville. | Leica Camera AG

Image: Leica Camera

Well only time can tell, personally i think there will always be a market in the analog space – especially for people (like myself) who shoot film to enjoy the photographic process as a whole. Maybe we might start to even treasure our frames more, ensuring we aren’t wasting away at our precious film stock.


So next time you see a Gold 200, Ultramax 400, Ektar 100 or Portra in its various speeds i would highly suggest picking some up….