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Half Frame? Is it half worth it?

Well in our last blog we spoke about Kodak raising its film prices (for those playing along at home the rumours are now confirmed to be true). So what if i told you that i had a magical solution and can enable you to take 72 shots on a 36 exposure roll of film, giving you the same number of shots as two rolls for the price of one. Well let me introduce you to half frame cameras.


Image: Nick Tauro Jr

What is a Half Frame camera?

Well it is as the name suggests, a half frame camera is one that uses half a frame of 35mm film to take a photo – meaning 24 exposures would total 48 and 36 would be 72. The exposures have a vertical (portrait) orientation as opposed to the horizontal (landscape) orientation of a 35mm SLR or rangefinder.

5 of the Best Half-Frame 35mm Film Cameras – Cameras By Max


Why isn’t it used more?

Well does half a frame mean half the quality? Essentially yes, however we have ways around this! High Res and Super high Res scanning options. Like many labs across the world here at PhotoCo we offer high and super high res options with your scanning, essentially if you were to get this service it would counter balance the typical “loss” of quality and provide you with far better images.

The Surprising Half - Ilford Photo%

Image: Ilford Photo


Well do you have Half Frames in stock?

We do! We’ve also had some of the best of the best come through our store such as Yashica Samurai, Olympus Pen amongst many others. We also keep constant stock of Kodaks H35 Half Frames in various colours.


So should you try half frame – well we think so!