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Lenses: All About 35mm Lenses

35mm lenses are some of the most common lenses prime lenses you will see, next to 50mm lenses. They are also one of my favorites. In while I am writing this, there are 4 of them sitting on my desk, each one heavily used and very loved. (I have this one and this one which you can see on our website)

So, what is it about 35mm lenses?

Well, there are a few things that interest many photographers in a 35mm lens. first and foremost being that it is one of a few lenses that sit rather close to seeing what the human eye sees. these lenses include 35, 40 and 50mm lenses. but why does this matter? Well imaging.

You’re taking a walk through the town or a park or driving the wilds of Australia and you see something beautiful. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just freeze that moment, as you see it.

That’s the appeal of a “human lens”.

So, what else is there, well it sits in the middle of all lenses, being wide enough to capture your background and narrow enough to capture detail and intimate moments. While, of the “human lenses” the 35mm sits on the wider end of the scale which makes it perfect for those tighter spaces like the bustling streets where you might not have the luxury of having much room to move and shoot. It’s sort of the perfect to it all lens for someone who doesn’t want to compromise their image quality or fast aperture with a zoom lens.

That brings on the next advantage, it’s speed. 35mm is close enough to natural that it is common to find low apertures on these lenses. this is because you don’t need a huge amount of glass to let as much light in as you might with a wider angle that has to squeeze it all into one frame or a longer lens which is only looking at a small amount of light. Thus, they can be smaller and faster without a horrifying price tag.

Finally, it has got to be said, with the exception of some, they are beautifully small lenses. now size might not always be your biggest worry but when you are walking the streets it can help to be low profile so you don’t disturb and change the scene as people react less to a smaller lens pointing at them, partly as a wider angle means you may not be pointed directly at them, and partly as they are just less intimidating. Size also means you’re saving on weight which makes them more portable and easier to travel hike or even climb with.

So your looking for a 35mm now?

Well here is an Olympus OM mount, Leica R, Nikon F, Nikon Z, Canon EF, Canon RF, Sony E and a Fuji FX lens. We’ve even got a 35mm Pentax 67 lens!!

Now if that wasn’t enough and you still have questions or you want to know which lens you need, give us a call or come into the shop. We are always happy to see you 😊