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Portra 400, What’s the deal with it?

Kodak Portra 400 might easily be the most popular colour film choice by both hobby and professional shooters, but whats the deal with it?



Why is it so popular?

Available in 35mm, 120mm and large format, Portra is regarded as one of the best colour film stocks to ever be produced, largely because of  its ability to deliver reliable image quality while remaining one of the most versatile and forgiving films.  It’s great for shooting just about any anything, whether it’s a sunny day outdoors at the beach with friends or in lower light/indoor tungsten lighting. Regardless of the lighting, the results are reliable. Portra’s great exposure latitude makes it respond well to being pushed/pulled and slightly underexposed, and/or overexposed. Boasting accurate warm skin tones, fine grain and beautiful sharpness this stock is not only versatile but incredible for portraiture work.

Red Cowboy, 2012. Los Angeles. Kodak Portra 400, 35mm // Leica M6, Leica 35mm f/2 Summicron

Image: @erickimphoto

But why can’t i find any?!

Well this stuff is hot property, possibly one of the highest in-demand film stocks the production of these simply can not keep up with the demand of consumers. Here at PhotoCo we see this stock fly out the door, however we pride ourselves in always striving to keep an adequate amount of this stock ensuring that everyone can shoot one of the all time great films.

So do we think you should come give Portra a go? 100%, pop in store and grab some while you can. Remember to tag us in your work @photoco_camerahouse.

Happy shooting!

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