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A cool way to recycle your next disposable camera !

Here at Photoco we are big on recycling, especially when it comes to the single use plastic disposable cameras.

Recently i was scrolling social media when i stumbled upon a video of a guy taking the lens off his disposable and using it on his full frame mirrorless camera, seems ludicrous right? Let me explain how he did it.

Essentially (step by step)

  1. He removed the fixed aperture lens from his disposable camera
  2. Drilled a hole into a body cap (E-Mount for Sony)
  3. Glued the Lens onto the body cap
  4. Screwed the body cap on
  5. Ta Da!

Now the one big key trick to this is ensuring that your camera has a “shoot without lens” option and that it is switched on. We do this as the camera will not detect nor let you shoot with our little MacGyver lens we’ve just made unless it is switched on.

This lens surprisingly produces great results too! You are limited with a fixed aperture, focal distance and the inability to focus the lens however it produces such a warm nostalgic feel through the images – almost film like!

Give this one a try, great for the environment and a great creative process.

Happy shooting – PhotoCo