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Cameras: Point and Shoots (An Introduction)

Pretty Point and Shoots :)

Have you ever wanted to open a bag of chips but you just wanted a handful, or maybe just a smaller bag that easy to carry around in your lunch box? Well when a big bulky camera is just too much, a point and shoot can be the perfect fix! A small compact camera with out all the frills of there big brothers, a point and shoot can be the perfect camera for trips, nights out, or just to carry with you day to day for a bit of photography practice, making sure you don’t miss those impromptu moments. It’s the perfect lunch box sized bag of chips ready to slip in your pocket.

There are many different point and shoot cameras out today both film and digital, rare and common, new and old. So what do you want in your camera?

Well if you’re looking for film then you might look you’ll probably look for a nice 35mm camera, though there are 110 and other small format film cameras like this quirky Coke can camera, but the film can be hard to find or even discontinued depending on the format. There are also medium format point and shoots if you’re looking for an easy way to get those sweet large format images, like the Mamiya 7 which Grainy days (one of my favourites) talks about in this video.

If your now wondering what the point of different formats are, have a read of this blog where I went into detail about the difference in sensor sizes.

If you’re looking for a 35mm thought then you have plenty of choices.

A Hanimex Snapshot for something simple to fit your daily needs.

A Werra 1A if you looking for a retro sleek design with some history behind it.

A Konica Hexar AF if it’s quality glass and build you’re looking for.

Or maybe even the golden Ricoh R1 or a chrome Olympus MJU 1 if you’re into collecting

That just scratches the surface of these wonderful cameras. If you’re looking for a deal on something wonderful, have a chat to one of our shop boys about their favorite point and shoots.

Alternatively, if you’re not into film or you don’t want to splash out on developing costs or you prefer digital images, have a look into digital point and shoots. Here you have the option of old and new if you’re not looking to take the risk on a pre loved camera (note, we do offer a 3 month warranty on all our second hand items). the point and shoot side of digital cameras though often bridges into compact cameras as they can fit both point and shoot settings and full manual control into small body’s, for this reason I would include the likes of tz90’s in point and shoots as all you need is their intelligent auto and a trigger and you can snap away at anything from a bird in a tree to city scrapes or take a swing at street photography.

Say still looking for a bit of swagger out of your point and shoot though, so you can look at is as an accessory and not just a tool. Don’t worry there are still digital point and shoots for you. Check out Contax TVS’s for the Contax exclusivity, or have a look for a MJU Mini (check out those colors). You can even get underwater cases like Orkhan’s!!

Convinced these are the camera’s for you? Come say hi 😊