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Top tips for travel photography

(Cover image credit:  Lake Wanaka)


Photography allows us to relive special moments captured whilst travelling.  By following a few of my top tips for travel photography, you’ll not only get the most out of your photography experience, but you’ll enjoy the images & memories forever.


Top tips for travel photography


Location scouting.  Use platforms such as instagram, pinterest or 500px to find locations within the area of travel that you may wish to capture.  There are so many online resources out there giving photographers an opportunity to not only research locations but also compositions of those locations. 


(Image credit:  IDC)


Make travel photography a priority rather than attempting quick shots.  Plan your travel photography with patience in mind.  What happens if you head to your intended location & weather or other factors means you have to wait to capture your shot?  You wait.  If travelling as a couple or in a group, make sure you only head to such locations with those people willing to be patient.  


Use golden hours to your advantage.  The hour after sunrise & an hour or two before sunset, provide photographers an opportunity to capture scenes with beautiful warm tones.  Once the sun has set, always wait another half hour until packing up your gear as this time can often provide the most amazing colourful sky backdrop.

(Image credit:  Fix the photo)


Find identifiers of scale.  When composing a photo, if you wish to illustrate the true size of the subject, use people or other identifiable objects in the frame.

(Image credit: lifepixel)


Pack a versatile zoom lens.  I am a big fan of prime lenses, however when travelling, a versatile zoom lens is a much more convenient option.  For Nikon shooters, the Nikon AF-S DX 16-80mm f2.8-4E ED VR lens is an excellent example covering all bases from wide angle to portrait to short zoom.     


Back up photos.  Don’t be that person that travels to amazing locations & spends hours scouting locations & capturing amazing scenes to then somehow lose the images.  Using a portable storage device to back up all memories captured is a must!


Take extra batteries.  Avoid the stress of seeing the red flashing low battery symbol & be sure to pack extra batteries.  


Be respectful.  One of my favourite parts of travelling is interacting with locals.  If you wish to photograph them or see other opportunities for an excellent portrait photo, it’s as simple as putting on a big smile & seeking their permission for taking their photo.



(Image credit:  The Creative Photographer)



It’s an exciting time for travellers with the borders reopening.  For many it will be their first time overseas, for others, an opportunity to experience that travel bug feeling again.  At PhotoCo we take passport photos daily for all countries with a quick turnaround time.  Come & visit us in-store for all of your passport photo needs & for any advice on photographic gear.  

Wishing you happy safe travels!