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Top 3 tips for taking photos with a disposable or reusable camera

(Title mage credit: foto profy)

Cheap, lightweight & easy to use – disposable & reusable cameras offer a convenient solution for those looking to scratch their film photography itch.  With a variety of options available, such as flash, underwater & black & white, cameras such as the Ilford Sprite 35-ll are a handy investment into a rugged travelling companion.  Photos taken with these cameras generally have a high contrast saturated colour look.  Using this to your advantage & taking on board a few other recommendations, you’ll be taking better photos on your disposable or reusable camera immediately.

Top 3 tips for taking photos with a disposable or reusable camera

  1. Take your photos in good lighting. For optimum results – the more light the better.  Think midday sun.  These cameras also love colours, so if possible shoot in areas where colours really have a chance to shine.   

(Image credit: Adelady)

  1. Use the flash EXCEPT when facing reflective surfaces such as mirrors or windows. Using the flash in front of a reflective surface will result in the intended image being dominated by a big flash of light.  In all other situations turn the flash on.  If used outside, images will come back sharper.  If used inside, it will offer the best chance of capturing the image you are after & not an underexposed throw away pic.

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  1. Try different angles. Get creative.  Most people only take photos from eye level.  Experiment with taking photos from hip or ground level.  Also look for anything that could be used to draw the viewer’s eye towards the specific point of interest.  Techniques such as using leading lines are an excellent way to create a focal point.

(Image credit: Courtney Slazinik)


Even with amazing technological advancements in the digital world, film photography has seen a resurgence in recent years.  The authentic feel, the element of surprise & the lack of a preview or delete button all add to the fun of using disposable & reusable cameras.  At PhotoCo we process all C41 films on-site & also offer a black & white film processing service.  Once the film has been developed, images can be emailed & accessed by Dropbox.  Matte & gloss prints are also available.  

Disposable & reusable cameras were invented to make photography easy, cheap & fun for the user.  Get out there & get creative.  Use my top tips, learn from previous films you have had processed & above all, have fun!