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You want to buy a film camera as a Christmas present: Where do you start?

It seems that everything old is new again – Here at PhotoCo we are developing about 60 rolls of film a day! Film cameras are back better than ever make for a great Christmas present! So where do you start? Here’s our quick rundown…

Point and Shoots

It’s in the name with these cameras – simply point and shoot. These cameras are typically nice and compact, lightweight and perfect for slipping in your pocket or bag and taking too parties, festivals or taking some snaps at the beach. These cameras feature a fixed lens (meaning it can’t come off or be changed). These lenses will either have the ability to zoom or not and is often a factor in purchasing. Another factor is whether or not the camera has an inbuilt flash or not, we highly recommend getting one with a flash as it will allow for night time and low light shooting!

5 Best Point and Shoot Film Cameras and Why You’ll Love Them!


These Cameras allow for more manual control of the camera, ideal for someone wanting to step up their film photography game. They feature an interchangeable lens system meaning they have the ability to switch between different lenses – this is ideal for someone wanting to shoot a wide range of subjects






Buying Film

This can be a bit overwhelming to start with, we’ve actually touched about this topic in a previous blog. However as a starting point we can give you three of our favourite options

  • Fuji C200
  • Kodak Ultramax 400 (3 Pack)
  • Kodak Gold 200

Film speed

Film speed and the type of film used will all factor in to how the final image will turn out.

Where to Start?

We are here to help and answer any questions you have – this vide0 is a real good starting point with what you need to get going!

Video: Willem Verbeek


As always our staff are more than happy to assist you in your Christmas purchase and offer our expert advice. From all the team at PhotoCo we wish you a fabulous holiday season and happy shooting!